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Let’s face it; I’m the first to admit that it’s a drag having to do housework every weekend. To
those who say it’s therapeutic – bah! After working long days during the week, when the
weekend rolls around, it can get pretty gloomy looking at dust, dirty bathrooms and everything
else we worked so hard to clean the past weekend.
So how can we balance our time and really work for the weekend? Just maybe it’s time we hire a
quality house cleaning service that believes in client communication and is responsive to our
needs. I think we would all enjoy a little more family time or even a day at the spa on the
weekend instead of getting in those old grubby clothes and inhaling smelly cleaning products.
Have you ever thought about coming home to a clean house that smells fresh?
If you’re looking for a superior house cleaning service in Santa Clara County you can trust your
home to, you’re in luck. Recently we caught up with Davlyn Spetch the owner of Action
Cleaning Service during her lunch break. We learned a little more about what makes this premier
cleaning service keep ticking after 17 years. Here’s what she had to say!
FF: Are you bonded and insured?
DS: Yes
FF: What happens if something breaks?
DS: We will immediately report it to the client and work with them to reimburse the replacement
FF: Do you have a service guarantee if someone isn’t not happy with the job you did?
DS: We would talk with them and try to find a happy medium.
FF: What type of cleaning supplies do you use?
DS: We use green-eco friendly products as much as possible because we care about our clients,
ourselves and the environment. But we do find that some areas like the bathroom
challenge this as bleach is the only thing that fights mold. It's most important that we use what
FF: Are they eco friendly?
DS: Yes, but not unconditionally. Our aim with this is to stay green as long as the surfaces are
getting clean.
FF: What cleaning tasks does the typical client always avoid?
DS: I’d say bathroom is number one followed by baseboards.
FF: Which areas of the house are the most important your clients want cleaned?
DS: Usually it’s the bathrooms and kitchen along with the floors and baseboards.
FF: Do you provide the supplies?
DS: Yes
FF: Discuss how changes in cleaning dates due to holidays or special events are handled?
DS: Some clients like it done before some after the holidays or some may skip all together. It
usually works out.
FF: Do your employees go through any type of training?
DS: Yes, first they go through a comprehensive background check along with drug screening. I
will also work with them one-on-one for a complete week. After this they will clean only one
house a day for 2 weeks and I’ll follow-up with house checks. Then they will start getting more
houses added into their schedule based on their performance.
FF: Do you require long-term contracts?
DS: No however, we offer special incentives for our customers.
FF: Do you send the same employees to the same client each time?
DS: It's important to us to keep the same employee in the clients home for as long as possible.
This is always our goal, however we try to avoid turnover. Sometimes our employee might be
out sick, be on vacation or have an emergency. We have created detailed work orders so that
what gets done in these instances is specific to the clients needs.
FF: How can someone best prepare for their first cleaning?
DS: I’d say do a good pick up of items.
FF: Do you send individual cleaners or a team?
DS: They're individual cleaners unless it requires a team due to length of time it’s going to take.
FF: Do you sell gift certificates?
DS: We sure do. We also have a referral program after the new customer becomes a regular
customer (gets three consecutive cleanings), the client making the referral will receive a free
FF: What cities do you service?
DS: We pretty much cover all of Santa Clara County from Palo Alto to Almaden Valley in San
FF: Why should someone choose your company over your competitors?
DS: We’ve been in business for a lot of years with quite a few long-term customers. My English
speaking staff communicates well with our clients.
FF: How long have you had some of your customers for?
DS: Over 10 years!
FF: What would they say about your service?
DS: That we communicate with them about their needs. They feel comfortable with us and they
know we’ll be there.
FF: What’s your favorite movie?
DS: Twilight
FF: If you weren’t doing your current job, what would you be doing?
DS: Something in business, I really love what I’m doing.
FF: Do you read your horoscope?
DS: Sometimes
FF: Name three inventions you’re most grateful for.
DS: The “Swiffer”, internet and cell phone
FF: Are you good at keeping a secret?
DS: Yes and no
FF: Which celebrity do you most identify with?
DS: I love Katy Perry because she’s really out there doing her thing.
FF: If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
DS: I’d invest most of it and have fun with the rest!
FF: What’s your favorite restaurant?
DS: Pasta Pomodoro and House of Prime Rib
FF: What’s the best piece of advice anyone’s given you?
DS: Just breathe
FF: If they made a movie of your life, who would play you?
DS: Kristen Stewart
FF: What’s a typical day like for you?
DS: Up by 6:00, review work orders, then I’m out in the field, doing training, house checks and
estimates. Work is my life and I love it. I'm always trying to fit a workout in to feed my athletic
side. I love indoor rock climbing and running. I wakeboard well and can even know how to
FF: What’s the toughest part of your job?
DS: Interviewing and training. I have high standards for my employees and I’m always striving
to get these things done right.
FF: What book are you currently reading?
DS: I usually go the audio book route. Actually I just got done listening to two book series which
were fabulous and are still in the making – Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan and A Game
of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin.
FF: What is one thing you change about San Jose?
DS: I’d like it to be more like San Francisco, I love the city life.
FF: What do you do in your spare time?
DS: I work out a lot and do some indoor rock climbing
FF: What place you always dreamed about visiting?
DS: Anywhere in Italy and New Orleans
FF: Who’s been your biggest influence in your life?
DS: My mentor Debbie Sardone
FF: What’s your most embarrassing moment as an adult?
DS: I got tongue tied once!
FF: What place in your house do you feel the most comfortable?
DS: My couch (left side)
FF: What inspires you?
DS: To make money and have continued growth
FF: If you could give a 16 year old advice what would it be?
DS: Enjoy it!
FF: Do you have pets?
DS: No
FF: Do you look forward to birthdays?
DS: Not lately
FF: When you fly do you prefer a window, Aisle or middle seat?
DS: Isle
FF: What simple pleasure makes you happy?
DS: I really enjoy flying and being around people at the airport.
FF: Do you have an IPOD?
DS: Sure do
FF: Do you have any Pet peeves?
DS: People aren’t responsible
FF: Did you have a nickname growing up?
DS: Davy
FF: Whose’ your favorite TV or Movie star?
DS: Robert Pattinson
FF: What’s your favorite part of the day?
DS: Mornings
FF: Do you have a hidden talent?
DS: I run marathons
FF: What’s your favorite Food to cook?
DS: Steak
FF: What’s your favorite TV Show?
DS: Shameless & Skins
FF: What’s your favorite Dessert?
DS: Cheesecake
FF: What’s your favorite holiday?
DS: Thanksgiving
FF: Why?
DS: Food and more food!
FF: What’s your favorite color?
DS: Black
FF: Which season is your favorite?
DS: Summer
FF: Have you ever met anyone famous?
DS: The drummer for Metallica.
FF: If you could have lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
DS: Robert Pattinson – me and millions of other girls and women right? So if anyone knows him
please send him my way!
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