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    I used Action Cleaning for regular upkeep cleaning for two years and only stopped because I moved
    out of their service area. They are fantastic - Davlyn and Jacquie are both great to work with, and the
    whole crew is very helpful and accommodating. I had several of their cleaners over the years and they
    all did a great job keeping my apartment clean and neat.
    Aside from typical cleaning stuff (vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing counters, etc), they will also do things
    like change bedsheets and take out the trash, which are both great services if you're forgetful like me.
    :) Little details like straightening the couch throw pillows and blankets always made it nice to come
    home on a cleaning day.
    I'm very grateful for everything Action Cleaning has done for me over the years, and I highly
    recommend them  to anyone looking for a regular cleaning service.
    A.K. Sunnyvale

    We have been thoroughly satisfied with your company's performance and responsiveness. We love
    being customers. Everyone does excellent work. Let me be clear:  There is nothing that we would have
    changed about your service.  We were (and are) completely satisfied with Action Cleaning Service.
    Sean T. San Jose

    This review is only for their customer service since it looks like I'll have to join a wait list for house
    cleaning. After reading all the amazing reviews for Action Cleaning Service I reached out to see if they
    had any openings for a deep clean and continued monthly services. Unfortunately for me they're so
    popular that they have a long wait list.
    I am very impressed by how prompt Jacquie was at responding to my online request. She gave me
    enough information to make a decision on my next step and answered my questions promptly. There
    are many companies out there that wouldn't even bother with responding if they don't have any
    openings, so I'm really happy they got back to me. I'm hopeful for one day having them come clean my
    house and looking forward to working with Action Cleaning Service!
    Michelle W. Mountain View

    I decided to use your company for many reasons - its local, woman-owned, you give back to the     
    community, your staff is courteous and thorough, etc. (I could list many more reasons). The fact that
    you are so responsive and address issues right away - and in the right way - goes a long way to
    making me a loyal customer. It's evident that you care greatly about both your customers and
    employees and that is a company I want to give my business to.
    Barbara T, San Jose

    They are AMAZING!! I am a cancer patient with a 2 year old, and pregnant. Cleaning is daunting for me
    with the fatigue and stress.
    Cleaning for a Reason paired me with Action Cleaning. The owner came out for a walkthrough to
    ensure I got everything I wanted for my services. I have had a deep clean, and a maintenance clean so
    far. They are timely, friendly, and very professional. My house has NEVER been this clean, and I've
    hired maids for years. I am so happy with their attention to detail. They don't miss a spot.
    Would recommend them to anyone and everyone, you won't be disappointed!
    Amanda R, Mountain View (posted on

    I have been a customer of Action Cleaning for a number of years now.
    Holy crap they're awesome.
    Every time I come home knowing that it is "Maid Day" (It's on my calendar), it's like a breath of fresh air.
    The house is the clean. The Cats are asleep on the couch and it just feels better at home.
    Action Cleaning has been taking care of the house from my Bachelor days through to my married days.
    Highly highly highly recommended!
    Oh, over the years they have never missed a single cleaning. Not once. Kind of amazing if you think
    about it.
    Charlie D, San Jose (posted on

    I'm pretty particular. Okay, VERY particular -- I'll admit it!    I rely on Davlyn and Action Cleaning Service
    to keep my home clean and sparkling.   It was very important to me to have the same person and only
    one person come, not a team.  I love that Maggie is very thorough and knows my home and my
    I started out with a deep clean back in the fall, and have the service 1x / month.  Really,  such a great
    way to put a smile on your face, and a shine on your home.  
    Davlyn and team will make sure you get your clean on!
    Virginia D, San Jose (as posted on

    Just had my first cleaning with ACS and it was fantastic. I signed up for the initial deep clean. My initial
    thought was, this seems like a lot of money for a 2 bedroom apartment. However, I saw that the large
    majority of reviews were positive and I gave it a chance.
    Davlyn came out to provide an estimate and was very thorough in her assessment. She actually arrived
    early, and would have been happy to wait, but I also was home early so it worked out well.  She took
    elaborate notes in every room and asked for detailed questions. She was able to schedule a cleaning
    just TWO DAYS LATER.  For those that have attempted to schedule a quick turnaround clean, it is not
    easy in the Bay area.
    Davlyn's employee Rachel arrived between 8-8:30am and left at 4:30pm!!! I repeat, a FULL DAY of
    cleaning! When I arrived, Rachel was on her hands and knees (she had knee pads on) and was
    finishing up base boards. The place was SPOTLESS.
    Davlyn and Rachel were VERY professional as well. Davlyn followed up on the following Tuesday to
    make sure I was satisfied. Rachel also informed me that Davlyn stopped by her ALL DAY clean of my
    place to ensure that everything was up to snuff.
    That is how you run a successful company. You hire the right people, you ensure they are doing their
    job exceptionally well and you ensure the customer is happy.  
    I signed up for a monthly clean and would be happy to provide further reviews to keep  up to date.
    So far, it was a GREAT choice!
    Siraz M, San Jose(as posted on

    We've been with Davlyn and her crew for a while and love them. They are respectful of my time and my
    belongs. They do a fantastic job. I here horror stories about others people's house cleaners and I'm so
    grateful for Davlyn and her crew!  She works hard and is always accommodating to my needs.  Let
    Davlyn clean up you life. It's better than therapy
    Cheryl C,Campbell (as posted on

    Fridays are now my favorite because when I get home from work Nichole has been there (one of
    Action's great cleaners).  You would think I have a cleaning fairy because I never see or hear her - I
    just get to come home to a beautifully clean house.  
    Action Cleaning Service is super professional.  They responded quickly to my first inquiry and gave me
    a professional estimate.  They took the time to figure out what I wanted and how much I wanted to pay.  
    I think their prices are incredibly reasonable and I'm happy to pay it each time they come.
    I will continue to use this professional and clean (seriously) service.  They pay attention to details.  For
    example, I was having difficulty with a wood table I own and Nichole took the initiative to find a new
    product, purchase it and use it on my table.  It looks lovely.
    I will continue to refer my friends to them and hope fellow yelpers will give them their service.
    Meghan P., Campbell (as posted on

    You must be right all the time. Everything was perfect. Annamarie was great. Thanks for the follow up
    and sending Annamarie.
    Kevin K, San Jose

    Jade came today and did a magnificent job!  I cannot tell you how beautifully she cleaned our house!  
    Just lovely!!!!  She was amazing in cleaning our more hard water stains!Thanks to Jade,
    our hardwood floors are lovely...everything is BEAUTIFUL!  Our house is beautiful!  Thank you Jade!
    Sue and Bruce M., San Jose

    As always, David did an outstanding job.  It was wonderful to come home to everything clean and
    shiny.  (I sometimes think it's better than therapy - no yelling, no fussing, - it's great!)
    Cheryl C,Campbell

    We have used Action Cleaning Service for over a decade.  They are extremely reliable--never a no-
    show.  They are flexible around our schedule, as once in a while the normal cleaning day doesn't work
    for us.  We completely trust them.  They often clean while we are gone, but we like it when we are here
    because they are so nice and friendly.  The monthly billing system by mail works well--we don't have to
    remember to leave a check for them when we will be gone.
    Chris B and Karla A, Los Gatos

    We have been using Action Cleaning Service for over 2 years now.  They have never disappointed us.  
    They are trustworthy, show up when they say they are, and are hard working.  I always look forward to
    going home after they've been at my home cleaning.  It's like walking into a freshly cleaned hotel room.  
    Everything is clean and orderly.  You have to trust your house cleaner.  And, David and Davlyn are
    very trustworthy.  They are family owned and we either get David or Davlyn, so no surprises or
    unknown faces and I like that.  They are also bonded and insured and speak English.  I can
    communicate with Davlyn via e-mail or phone and she is responsive.  If you want a trustworthy,
    dependable, hard-working house cleaner, call Action Cleaning Service!  They'll do the job.
    Gus P., San Jose

    Davlyn has been cleaning my house for 8yrs and it was the best decision I ever made.  She does a
    great job and is completely trustworthy.  Besides the standard cleaning, she has taken on special
    projects like the shower curtain.  No matter what I did there was always mildew.  I don't know how she
    does it but the curtain always looks new.  I have actually gotten rid of all my cleaning supplies.  They
    just take up space and I sure don't need them anymore.  I've recommended her to friends-something
    you wouldn't do if weren't really comfortable with her.  Thanks Davlyn
    Michael M, Los Gatos

    Davlyn is very professional in what she does. She has been in the cleaning business for about 10
    years that I knew of. I really started having her come more often about two years ago when I had a
    minor stroke. It has become very difficult for me to clean my kitchen and bathroom. I can't believe how
    clean she gets it. My tub had a stain from the water that I could not get off. I came home that evening
    and I was so happy and surprise that she got it off. Her prices are great and if you ever need her
    sooner she always tries and fits you in. I would recommended her to everyone that I know. Keep up the
    good work.  
    Daniella C, Santa Clara
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