Frequently Asked Questions...

  • How do I hire you? Please refer to our contact us page. Which then leads to our next FAQ...

  • How much do you charge? We can give you a ballpark quote based on the info you give us through our online form on the Contact Us page by phone or email.
    Or you can call us and we'll give you a quote over the phone.  If you like the ballpark quote we are willing to do free in home estimates for people who are looking for
    either weekly, biweekly or every four week cleanings. We can set a flat rate for the initial clean and the maintenance cleans at that time. For one time cleans and move
    out cleans we can give a ballpark estimate but ultimately they will be charged by the hour, since we don't go out and look at those ahead of time. Usually the first clean
    takes quite a bit longer than a regular maintenance cleaning. This depends on how well kept up the place is, as in how much build up and dust has accumulated.

  • Why is an "Initial" or "first time" clean necessary? Why does it cost more? Before we can begin to perform routine weekly or biweekly, or every four
    week maintenance there are usually a variety of first time tasks which require extra attention on our first visit. It's more like a deep cleaning or spring cleaning.  Things
    such as blinds, kitchen cabinets, shower doors, baseboards, light fixtures or ceiling fans, appliances etc. may have been neglected and require extra time. If we don't
    get rid of the old dirt first no matter how hard we try simply removing the new dirt isn't going to make things look sparkling and clean.  There is always an extra fee for
    the first clean to cover the extra time.  Please keep in mind the initially quoted price for maintenance cleans may need to be adjusted with rising costs, if more people
    move in or you remodel or purchase a lot of new furniture.

  • What do you charge for a move out clean? Although we require move out cleans to be empty before we clean, it does not mean it's going to take less time
    since we don't have to deal with furniture. Truthfully a lot of move outs haven't been kept up so it's much more  work than a regular maintenance clean would be and
    we end up using twice the amount of cleaning products. It actually takes much more  effort so we charge a bit more for these types of cleans.  Keep in mind if you're
    renting and trying to get your deposit back it's usually required we clean the oven, refrigerator, inside of cupboards, windows, blinds and other things that aren't usually
    maintained on a regular basis. Also, we CANNOT guarantee you will get your deposit back since that's not our decision to make.  There's more detail on what we
    clean in our services page.

  • What if I just want my house cleaned once ( i.e. for a special occasion, party etc?) One time cleans may require the same amount of effort as a deep
    cleaning. We can give you a ballpark estimate but we charge hourly for these types of cleans.

  • What do I do before the house cleaner comes? Please don't clean the house- leave that to us :) Keep in mind it will take us less time to clean if the rooms are
    picked up and tidy. In order to set a flat rate for maintenance cleans, the conditions need to be remotely the same from clean to clean. So please have clothes, toys,
    laundry, dirty dishes etc. picked up so we can clean surfaces and floors.

  • Do I need to stay at the house while it's being cleaned?  It can be easier to clean when no one is home. If you want to stay during the first cleaning, in case
    you or we have questions that is fine. It is totally up to you. But we are fine cleaning unsupervised. After that most of our clients give us a key so they don't need to be
    there and they can come home to a nice clean house. If we have questions we can always use one of your contact numbers you provide us. You can contact the office
    and we are always available.

  • Do you bring your own equipment and cleaning supplies? Yes we bring our own vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies.  We also bring freshly laundered
    terry cloth and microfiber towels. For a list of the cleaning products we use please visit our services page. If you have products or a vacuum cleaner you'd prefer us to
    use please let us know and we'll accommodate you.

  • Who will come out to clean? The employees are screened with complete background checks and fully trained to our cleaning methods and style. We work
    individually but sometimes we also partner up and work in teams of two if it's a large job. We hire dependable and reliable people. We don't like to send a different
    person out to clean your house each time. We like to assign a certain person so they are familiar with your house, any pets you may have and how you want your
    house cleaned. If your tech is ill or takes a vacation we will contact you to see if we should reschedule or to let you know we are assigning another crew member to
    take their place for that clean.

  • What forms of payment do you accept? Davlyn accepts cash or checks preferably, and credit cards all due at the time of service. Please contact her to set
    this up. Inquire about other possible forms of payment accepted.

  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured? Yes, yes, and yes!.